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LJ100TM is available because the science behind it is at the forefront of research in Tongkat Ali. The makers are able to provide the most accurate and recent information because they work directly with the team of scientists that are involved in research world-wide on Tongkat Ali. Below is a little about the head scientists - Tongkat Ali - Longjack

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Dr. Johari M. Saad - Dr. Ismail Tambi - Dr. Azizol Abdul Kadir

Dr. Johari M. Saad
Dr. Johari is one of the head Clinical Scientists. He is known in Malaysia as the "Tongkat Ali King" for his over 20 years of research at identifying the active glyco-proteins in Tongkat Ali. He is the engineer of the Water-Soluble extract used in LJ100TM.

A Fulbright scholar, as well as a recipient of the Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship Award in 1983 (awarded by the Joint Council of British Commonwealth Universities), Dr. Johari Mohd Saad is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Phytes Biotek.

A prominent scientist in the Malaysian scientific community, he has held several important positions, not only in local academia, but also international academia, including Head of Department, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya; Associate Professor and Director of Sports, University of Malaya; Assoc. Research Fellow National Cancer Research Institute, US; and President of The Joint Council of The Malaysian Universities and Institutes of Higher Learning.

Dr. Johari's field of expertise is Nutritional Biochemistry, Protein and Enzumology, and Natural Product Biochemistry (Use of Natural Products in Traditional Medicine). His body of research has had a tremendous impact on the Malaysian herbal industry, and his slew of awards hears testimony to his legacy in the field of herbal medicine. Such is his prominence in his field of expertise, he is much sought after in national and international seminars on herbal medicine. He has published more than 30 papers in local and international Biochemical journals, and continues to be actively involved in academia, nurturing and guiding Masters and Ph. D student candidates.


Dr. Ismail Tambi
Dr. Mohd. Ismail Tambi is head of the Specialist Reproductive Human Research Center at the National Population and Family Development Board in Malaysia. He received his MBBS at the University of Madurai in South India and a D.R.M. at the College of General Medicine, in Malaysia. Receiving the coveted WHO Research Fellowship, Dr. Tambi performed his post-graduate work in Clinical Andrology and Semenology at the Monash Medical Research Centre at Prince Henry's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

Active and well known in the field of Andrology and Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Tambi is a Senior member of numerous Societies and Associations. He is a founder of the Asian Society of Andrology and an Executive Council Member of both the Malaysian Society of Andrology and the Asian Pacific Society for the Study of the Aging Male. His written extensively on the subjects of Andrology and Infertility. His books include, Illustrated Guide for Infertile Couple (1985), Infertility Guide for Couples (1986), Manual for Infertility Management (1987), Clinical Andrology: Comprehensive Manual in the Management of Men's Health - Sexual and Fertility Problem (1995), Towards Enhancing Fertility: A Comprehensive Manual in the Current Treatment and management of Infertility (2001), and Male Sexual Dysfunction: Focus on Impotence and ED (2003). He has written 48 published Research Papers in the field of Reproductive Health and Andrology, is the Chief Editor of Manual of Sexual and Reproductive Health (2003), the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles in Southeast Asia, Chief Editor for the Medical Newsletter Update, and a member of the Editorial Board of Asian Journal of Andrology.

Dr. Tambi is a Consultant for various organizations including the New England Research Institute in the Study of Male Erectile Dysfunction and the Family Development Foundation of Kual Trengganu, and a member of the coordinating committee on Eurycoma Longifolia, Institute Medical Research in Malaysia.

Dr. Azizol Abdul Kadir
Dr. Azizol has more than 20 years research experience in Wood Chemistry and Natural Products. He is actively involved in several important technical committees that oversee matters in the herbal industry, including ASEAN Herbal Experts Group (Chairman); Focal Point, G-15 Gene Bank of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants; Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) – Pharmaceutical Group (Member); National Bioactive Compound Task Force, MIGHT-Pharmaceutical Group (Leader); Malaysian Investment Development Authority, Technical Working Group – Pharmaceutical Sector (Member) and the Herbal monograph Committee (Member).

As a former Director of Medicinal Plants Division, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Dr. Azizol has contributed significantly to the development of the Malaysian herbal industry and today continues to act as technical advisor for various organizations. Dr Azizol has published more than 100 research papers and participated in many forums and seminars. He has won several prestigious swards (FRIM Innovation Award, 1993; Petronas Invention Award, 1993) and also holds two patents for natural bioactive compounds.


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