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Table of Contents

  1. What is LJ100TM?
  2. What is the difference between LJ100TM and other products on the market? 
  3. How do I take LJ100TM (Dose, Use, Etc)?
  4. Is LJ100TM safe ?
  5. What if I take too much?
  6. What if I/Why don't I feel anything?
  7. Can LJ100 help hypogonadism?
  8. Will LJ100 increase chance of pregnancy?
  9. How does it help my workout? 
  10. Will LJ100 aromatize into Estrogen? - Tongkat Ali - Longjack

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1.  What is LJ100TM ?

LJ100TM is the strongest extract available of Tongkat Ali.  The team of scientists have been working on the extraction of Tongkat Ali LJ100TM for over 10 years to develop a patented extraction process that isolates the most active components available in Tongkat Ali.  Because LJ100TM product is backed by strong scientific evidence, specifically on the extract, we feel comfortable making the claims on our products.  

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2.  What makes LJ100TM better than other products on the market?

LJ100TM is the strongest extract available of Tongkat Ali. Raw Tongkat ali does provide energy, improve sexual activity, and over time, will show numerous positive effects on the body. LJ100TM  magnifies this effect and allows for results much more rapidly and with the extract. This is because the root is primarily fibrous with only a fraction containing the bioactive components.  You would be hard pressed to eat enough raw powder to match the effects of this extract.  In trying to, you'd have to significantly exceed daily fiber intake.  

If you are looking for a modest energy booster and overall wellness herb (a sup-ed up ginseng) then LJ100TM may not be the right strength for you. We would suggest the El Jack 2:1 extract or the raw powder.  However, if you want significant results quickly, this is the best way to get it. 

Indeed, many of the claims of competitive products derive from the research of this potent extract. For example, Tongkat Ali, lower potency extracts, and  LJ100TM will both boost testosterone levels.  Not a lot of work has been done to enumerate what the raw powder will do.  There are studies on 20:1 extracts that will boost as much as 8% over 8 weeks.  Only LJ100TM  can make the claim of 100% over 3 weeks in serum testosterone tests.  Another example, serum sperm tests show improvement in chronic tests of mice over 3 months of use with Tongkat Ali.  Give them LJ100TM and the results are as quick a few days use.  We've seen similar results from the human clinical trials and in vitro studies. 

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3.  How do I take LJ100TM?

For men, suggested dose for daily maintenance is 100-150mg (2-4 capsules) per day with a full glass of water. For an extra boost, you should take an additional 2-4 pills one hour prior to intense physical activity. For sexual enhancement, you can take 3-4 pills one hour prior to sexual activity is recommended.   

For women, take 50mg 1 hour prior to sexual activity.  

Results may vary due to age, weight, metabolism, and health.  We suggest a maximum dose of 10 pills.

It is not necessary to eat before taking LJ100TM as absorption is better on an empty stomach.  However, if you have a sensitive stomach, you may prefer to take LJ100TM with a meal.  

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4.  Is LJ100TM safe ?

LJ100TM is very safe.  It has passed both acute (shock test of 3000 times suggested dose) and chronic (90 days and maximum dose) testing.  It is not a steroid.  Rather it works by affecting the Luteinizing Hormone.  LJ100TM is very specific in which hormone derivatives are affected.  For example, you will see an increase in progesterone and testosterone, not 5a-dihydrotestosterone which would cause aromatization to estrogen (i.e. breast development).  You will also see an increase in free testosterone (FT) over bound testosterone (BT) and an unbinding of BT.  This is important because BT is not bioavailable and in high levels can be co-causal to prostate cancer. 

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5.  What if I take too much?

LJ100TM  is tested for safety.  You will not overdose from taking too much.  However, there are a number of less tangible (quantifiable) side effects that can be experienced by the herb creating too much testosterone.  You should feel energized, have positive mood, and be very clear headed.  

If you take too much, most will feel "stir crazy".  Some will feel aggressive.  This is because hormone balance affects mood.  If you feel this, lower your dose. Please note that a small percentage of men are affected by as little as 1 pill.  If you are feeling these reactions on 50mg, we suggest you only take this product with intense physical activity or choose one of our other products.   

Testosterone is very important for women as well. However, the amount of testosterone in a woman's body is much lower and can be very sensitive.  A slight boost will increase libido, help to prevent osteoporosis, improve energy, aid in weight loss, benefit mood and mental clarity, and even suppress appetite.  Higher doses can have adverse affects on menstruation, adversely affect libido, and negatively impact mood.  For this reason, we suggest no more than 50mg for a woman, unless she is engaged in intense physical activity such as an active sports tournament or professional body building (trying to gain muscle).  If 50mg is too much for you, we would suggest trying Enerdisia or the El Jack pills.   

In both cases, for immediate alleviation of these symptoms, engage in physical or sexual activity.  This will help to bring your body back into balance. 

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6.  What if I/Why don't I feel anything?

As with most herbs, the right dose of LJ100TM  can vary dramatically depending on individual.  Even if you are not feeling anything, LJ100TM  can be working in your body.  This may show up more accurately when taking a serum testosterone test.  Other more intangible effects that people note the effects without feeling them, is improved sexual ability (erection, recovery after ejaculation, etc), improved endurance (workout/run for much longer at a higher speed), better mood, and alleviate of allergy symptoms. 

Also, we find that many already accustom to taking other energy herbs, creatine, ma huang, taurine, may require additional dose to feel "boosted."  A stronger dose generally does work if this is the effect you are looking for.  

For sexual enhancement, most will feel effects within one hour with 4 pills.  However, age plays a large role. We would suggest you take a larger dose if you do not feel effectiveness with 4 pills.  

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7.  Can LJ100TM help with hypogonadism?

Yes.  The human clinical trials do show notable increase in libido in people with hypogonadism. As a secondary effect (not the primary focus of the study) it clearly showed improvement in the sperm count, motility, morphology, and quality over a three week period. 

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8.  Will LJ100 increase chance of pregnancy?

Yes. The improvement in LH levels benefits sperm production. Moreover, better testosterone levels has shown an ability to increase spermogenisis (speed of sperm).  We would note that unhealthy sperm is a sign of lack of health.  Stimulants that kill sperm, do so because they are actually toxic to the body and the build up affects the body over time.  If your concern rather than your goal is pregnancy, we suggest you use the standard methods of birth control.  

Also, notable the herb's preference toward Y-sperm fertilization.  Compiling test results over the last 10 years, the scientists have noted that the tendency is 3:1 over the control 2:1.  This may be attributed to the smaller size of the Y-sperm benefiting from testosterone's affects on the metabolism.  As a humorous note, the scientists have film of sperm before and after LJ100TM and the after is significantly more active than the before.  We are working on adding this to our website.  

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9.  How does it help my workout?

LJ100TM  is thermogenic and will aid increasing metabolism and decreasing body fat.  This will lead to notable increase in endurance.  It has shown to be anabolic and will improve strength during work out as well has help to build and bulk muscle.  If you are a serious weight lifter, this is a great product for you.  

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10.  Does LJ100 aromatize into estrogen?

No.  It does not.  This is because it affects testosterone production by affecting LH levels, not LHRH levels hormones that would affect the binding of progesterone onto receptors responsible for aromatase production.  Aromatase is required for synthesis of testosterone into Estrogen.  

LJ100TM very clearly increases Progesterone, DHEA, Androstenidione, and Testosterone.  It does not increase the production of aromatase necessary for "aromatizing" to estrogen.



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